What is Freedom Support Solutions, LLC?

FSS is a Financial Concierge and Lifestyle Management service company.

What is a Financial Concierge?

Simply put, we are caretakers for your finances.  We act as your very own personal CFO, providing services to assist you in getting a handle on your day-to-day money management.

What is a Lifestyle Manager?

Lifestyle managers act as your very own personal assistant and we do just that…manage your life.  We aim to assist wherever needed, in order for you to enjoy life to the fullest. Do you need someone to manage your calendar for you?  Considerate it done. Do you need a trusted person to run an errand because you just do not have time?  We’ve got you covered.  Are you planning a last-minute trip and don’t have time to make the reservations?  We’ll book it for you.  Do you hate shopping?  We will find what you need.  No time to write out those thank you notes or birthday cards?  They’re good as in the mail!  That is just a few examples of how we provide the support you need for the freedom you desire…the list goes on and on.

What type of people utilize the services of Freedom Support Solutions, LLC?

Busy executives, high and ultra net worth individuals, entrepreneurs, seniors, widows, owners of multiple homes, and any other individual who desires to get a better handle on their day-to-day time and money management.

How do your bill paying services differ from automatic deductions from my accounts?

Automatic deductions can save you time but requires you to manage your own accounts. FSS  works directly with you to understand your specific needs and provides customized full-service management of your personal bills.

What types of bookkeeping services are provided by Freedom Support Solutions?

Services including managing bank accounts, generating computerized reports, managing household payroll and taxes, organizing and paying bills, maintaining tax records, tracking charitable contributions, and creating customized reports for your CPA at tax time.

Does Freedom Support Solutions, LLC take the place of our current financial advisors?

FSS works with your financial and legal professionals, proving them with necessary information relative to your accounts and business activities.

Can Freedom Support Solutions, LLC assist us in organizing our family office?

We certainly can. We will meet with you to discuss your family’s unique financial and business picture and customize a plan that meets your needs.

Do you work with older adults?

We pride ourselves in providing personal assistance to older adults who have difficulty in managing their personal financial affairs.  Our services meet a variety of needs from organizing and keeping track of financial and medical records to assisting with bill payments and bank account maintenance. By assisting them with their day to day financial affairs, Freedom Support Solutions, LLC, helps them maintain their independence and supports them in their desire to continue living at home. 

Will my financial information be kept confidential?

Absolutely! We maintain the highest standards of confidentiality, upholding the codes of ethics of the American Association of Daily Money. These strict standards ensure that all business is conducted in a safe and secure manner to protect your privacy.

What does the service cost?

Fees are based on an hourly rate. We will provide a free consultation after a short review of your individual needs to determine the best solution possible. Freedom Support Solutions, LLC provides the most efficient and knowledgeable service, thereby saving you time and money.

Can Freedom Support Solutions, LLC provide a list of references?

We provide client references upon request.